Hello my name is Deanna Uhl.

I’m a licensed Massage Therapist with 5 years of experience. After graduating from Cincinnati School of Massage, I completed an additional 750 hours of Therapeutic Massage training. I continue to expand the number of “tools in my toolbox”.

Currently I specialize in:

1)     Medical for Specific Areas

2)     Swedish (medium pressure)

3)     Neuromuscular (deep tissue)

4)     Sports

5)     Reflexology

I am an expert in relaxation massage. I can help manage your stress and provide relief from tight tense muscles, muscle aches, injuries, and pain.

What I believe is so unique about massage is that I can send messages to and from the brain by the touch of my hands. I can also provide my clients with specific pressure points they can use to relieve pain. I find my clients are fascinated by this approach to wellness.

My extensive training through Advanced Continuing Education courses allow me to adapt my techniques and create a massage that is unique to each client, and provide my clients the best possible results.

I’m a perfectionist and many of my clients appreciate my thorough and meticulous approach. They find their pain is drastically reduced and are often so relaxed they feel like jelly after the massage.

I’m incredibly enthusiastic about helping people and find Massage Therapy extremely rewarding.